I love the people! The staff at Poolquip is always eager to help me, so I can help my customers. Poolquip understands the value of relationships and customer service, which is an asset beyond measure. Thanks Poolquip!

Catherine Grant

The fast service, knowledge of parts, have everything in stock. Clean warehouse! Free water available + phone.

John Bush
J.B. Pool Co.

The pool supplies that I need, Poolquip can get them! Fast and the people know their products, they are helpful with upgrades and replacement parts on all my pool equipment. Poolquip is a supply company I can count on. I check with Poolquip first for my pool supplies.

Gary Patterson
Patterson Pool & Spa

What can I say!? You people are not just a supply house you are my friends. I have always felt special when dealing with Poolquip.

Tommy Henry
Crystal Pool Repair